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Donate Now : Cool & Heat Spike’s Habitat ReStore

Cool & Heat Spike’s Habitat ReStore

$311 of $4,800 Goal

Have you tried to shop at Spike’s Habitat ReStore and it was just too hot?  Or have you thought about volunteering at Habitat’s ReStore and decided that it was too cold?   We share your concern.  We want to provide climate control for the ReStore, but we don’t want to take money away from the mission of Habitat for Humanity which is to build affordable housing  in Bulloch County, Georgia.  Therefore we are coming to you, the shoppers and volunteers of Spike’s ReStore, and asking you to help us raise $4,800 to install heating and air conditioning for the store.

A large portion of our operating revenues are raised through sales at Spike’s Habitat ReStore.  The store serves a diverse community with used furniture, household goods, appliances and building supplies.  We directly touch more people in our community through Spike’s Habitat ReStore than through all our other operations put together. By making the store more comfortable, we look forward to more returning shoppers, volunteers, and donors and an increase in sales.  Additional revenue will allow us to further grow our mission to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope!

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